River of Life Raleigh
11-27-22 The Thankful 10 Percent Pastor Dave Newell
11-20-22 Pastor Dave-Jesus Restores Your Years
11-16-22 Pastor Kim-Welch and Asuza Reivals Part 2
11-15-22 Norman Meares- Ministering Spirit and Life

11-15-22 Norman Meares- Ministering Spirit and Life

November 15, 2022

We minister Spirit and Life when we:

1. Recognize that every believer ministers

2. Trust God for Sufficiency

3.Exercise spiritual sight cautiously

4. Attain confidence through rest

5. Nurture the Holy Spirit anointing

6. Impart present revelation

7. Minister through an open soul

11-13-22 Pastor Dave-Who We Really Are
11-09-22Pastlor Lorrainne- Great Revivals Welch and Azuza
10-18-22 Sister Mable- The Kingdom
10-19-22 Pastor Lorraine-Charles Finney
10-23-22 Pastor Dave-The Grace Of Forgiveness
10-23–22 Pastor Lorraine-Prophetic Class
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